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illegibilus - Tally by xauners illegibilus - Tally by xauners

watch out here comes 6th year tally:iconlazymachoplz: 
5th year app


>Name: Talbot Nemes
>Nickname: Tally
>Age: 16
>Gender: male
>Height: 5'9" / 175 cm
>Weight: 142 lbs / 65 kg
>Birthday: december 19
>Nationality: hungarian
>House: gryffindor
>Year: 6th


+optimistic | caring | expressive | honest | goofy | helpful | outgoing
-short tempered | sarcastic | possessive | stubborn | touchy | envious | forgetful

While Tally does enjoy being alone from time to time, he's a people person. He loves making friends, or just talking to
people in general. He is a very optimistic person, having vowed to himself to see the best in things first, rather than the worst. He is
very honest and expressive, especially about his opinions and feelings. And while he can be serious at times, usually he's just a big
goofball with a very easy going attitude. He loves to have fun and make silly jokes, and really bad puns too, that are bound to earn an
eyeroll from his friends. He's also very helpful, especially when it comes to things he knows he's good at, but he'll never hesitate to
help a good friend, be it with personal issues, or just help with studies.

But bellow the surface lies a sarcastic, stubborn, possessive, and envious child. His sarcastic streak shows itself the most, using that
as a way to express his anger, which he has a lot of. If he's having a bad day, even the tiniest things can set him off, and while he
does try his best to keep a lid on it all, he slips up a lot, venting his anger by raising his voice, and sometimes even doing harm to
himself. (nothing too big, mostly just biting at his nails and lips, and scratching at his skin until its red) And while he may put up a
tough front, he's very easy to upset, and is quite touchy when it comes to his feelings. He's a bit forgetful, though it's usually just
things like what he had for breakfast, or if he remembered to do his homework the night before.

✔drawing, animals, greenery, peace and quiet, food, online games, organization and cleanliness, upbeat music that really
makes him think, making others laugh/cheering them up, petting animals, making friends, dancing, hugs/cuddles, cute and frilly clothes,
baggy and comfy clothes, horse back riding, dragons
✘when his feet get so cold they turn purple, his bones refusing to un-pop, loud and obnoxious open-mouthed chewing, bullies, how dry his
skin gets during winter, loneliness, how dumb most people in charge seem to be, animal cruelty, any type of cruelty in general,
mushrooms, horror movies

Background & Family

>Lajos Nemes: Father, 41, works as a handyman, muggle.
>Boglárka Nemes: Mother, 34, part time photographer, muggle.

Born and raised in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, Tally had a fairy normal childhood; apart from the whole 'not going to
school' thing. His parents made the life-changing decision of homeschooling him when he had just started the first grade, thus, he never
got to experience how fun and joyous school really is. After a while, they switched to unschooling, which meant it wasn't mandatory for
him to study anything, or even take tests. Ever since he was little though, his cousin from America had always visited each summer,
which was how he learned english over the years.

Due to his parents not having a fix job all the time, they were allowed to travel a lot. They mostly just went to Germany, sometimes to
America too, but when Tally turned 8, his parents decided they'd be moving to England permanently, to start their farming business. It
didn't take long for him to adjust to life there, since he didn't have much friends back in Hungary, so he didn't really miss anyone.
And as the years passed, he came to love England so much, he almost didn't even remember what it was like back in his original country.
He spent most of his time outdoors, but never got much of a tan due to the lack of sunlight in his area. He was always a very pale kid,
but he pretty much lost all pigment in his skin when he discovered the wonders of computers and the internet.

His days passed peacefully without a care in the world, when one day after his 11th birthday, he received a letter. He was overly
excited, because he /never/ got mail. His excitement only grew, when he found out he'd been accepted to a magical academy, Hogwarts!
Tally had no idea what this was all about, but he was psyched nonetheless. Just like with moving to England, he had no problem leaving
his new home behind to attend Hogwarts. He missed his parents and the animals on their farm, but he knew he'd see them during breaks,
and he was really curious to see what a wizarding school was like.

Tally's curiosity never died down in the 5 years he'd been a student at Hogwarts, he just couldn't get enough of learning new things
about magic and the creatures that came along with it. He wasn't all that motivated to make friends, but he had some buddies here and
there. His top priority was to learn pretty much everything about magic, and the best thing was that he knew he could do


>Elective Classes
Care of Magical Creatures

>Extra Curricular
Hogwarts Orchestra

1000 House Points
Mayhem and Mischief Badge
Blood Moon Badge
Finnis Badge


>Wand Ingredients
phoenix feather
12 ½ inches
reasonably supple

wingardium leviosa

Fun Facts

•he sometimes writes his last name first and first name last on assignments or school papers he has to fill out due to his
parents teaching him that in Hungary, that's how peoples' names are written
•he has a hard bump on his right ring finger from where he holds the pen wrong all the time
•so many freckles. all of them, mostly on his face, shoulders, and back
•has a dog and two cats at home, and many other farm animals
•is very good at keeping a poker face in goofy situations
•learned to play the piano over the summer of his 5th year


>Name: Spuri(named after his first cat)
>Species: blue mouse
>Gender: female
>Personality: cautious/easily frightened/unsociable/cuddly

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