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illegibilus - Tally by xauners illegibilus - Tally by xauners

EDIT: redrew him finally!! his hair is longer now and he grew a lil too ; )//EDIT
i finished it!! :iconfinallyplz:
ssso jess(:iconnoisyamoeba:) and luna(:iconxlunaticxz:) convinced me(i didnt need much convincing) to try out for this hella hogwarts group!!! ayy 
so heres my bb with all his.. muggle nerdiness. \m/ 


>Name: Talbot Nemes
>Nickname: Tally
>Age: 15
>Gender: male
>Height: 5'6" / 167 cm
>Weight: 132 lbs / 60 kg
>Birthday: december 19
>Nationality: hungarian
>House: gryffindor
>Year: 5th


| confident | cheerful | optimistic | caring | friendly | expressive | honest | goof | laid back | perfectionist | proud | competitive | short tempered | daredevil | nosy/curious |

Confident in both his mental and physical abilities, also very proud of them too, Tally isn't one to back down from a challenge he knows he has a chance at winning. He is also very expressive, not one to hide his emotions, unless he feels they may cause trouble or unnecesarry worry for someone. Honesty is his thing too, he is not afraid to voice his opinion, and he is actually unable to lie. The guilt of having told a lie is usually too much for him, causing him to tell the truth, usually about 3 seconds after telling the lie. (he has no problem lying though, when it's clear that he's lying, and if he's just doing it as a joke) He prefers to think things over before acting, though he isn't all that against acting on impulse, since he trusts himself to do the right thing, even in the heat of the moment. He tries his best to have an optimistic outlook on things, especially when it comes to making friends and studying for tests.

Speaking of friends, he is a very friendly person who opens up to others easily. He enjoys the company of others greatly, even more so when the feeling is mutual. He is also a lover of fine jokes, and is quite the jokester himself, thus making him quite the goofball. (he is also a master of sarcasm, but that's beside the point) Though he cherishes his friends dearly, he is a very competitive boy, be it looks, height, smarts, or even a duel. He loves being in charge of things, which also means he loves being the center of attention, which makes him a bit of an attention-seeker, and to some, he might even seem a little bossy, which is something he can't really deny.

He is also quite the perfectionist, and will never leave something unfinished. And although he has a tendency to fuss over details, it all depends on his mood. He has a tendency to act more mature than his age, but around friends he is a very laid back and goofy kind of guy, which makes it all the more easy for people to befriend him.

If caught in one of his 'spacing out' moods, he is very gullible, but most of the time he is very quick on the uptake. Another thing he is quick on is jumping to conclusions, but he tries not to say anything unless he has proof and is sure that his assumption is true. And though he may not show it much, he has a very short temper. Mess with his stuff he'll blow his top, mess with his friends and he'll be coming for your head. When angry, he tends to yell, and will most likely be searching for a way to calm down.

He of course, has his moments when he feels like the world is a horrible place and that he is a failure. In these times, he feels very relucant to rely on his friends, because he feels he's putting too much pressure on them, and thus he ends up bottling his negative emotions up. Usually, he vents his feelings out online or in this case, his diary. And though he tries to conceal his sadness, it is very easy to get him to fess up, and when he starts talking, he doesn't like to stop.

Though when he first came to Hogwarts, he was a huge wimp, king of scaredy-cats, but over the years he'd grown into a daredevil, someone who's not afraid of change, or trying new things, (not food, he doesn't like trying new food), or just being dared to do something silly.

✔drawing, animals, greenery, peace and quiet, food, online games, organization and cleanliness, upbeat music that really makes him think, boys!!, girls!!, everything in between!!, making others laugh/cheering them up, petting animals, making friends, dancing, hugs/cuddles
✘when his feet get so cold they turn purple, when his neck wont un-pop, loud and obnoxious chewing, bullies, how dry his skin gets during winter, his stretchmarks, how curly his hair gets if he doesn't dry it properly, being lonely, how dumb most people in charge seem to be

Background & Family

>Lajos Nemes: Father, 41, works as a handyman, muggle.
>Boglárka Nemes: Mother, 34, part time photographer, muggle.

Born and raised in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, Tally had a fairly normal childhood; apart from the whole 'not going to school' thing. His parents made the life-changing decision of homeschooling him when he had just started the first grade, thus, he never got to experience how fun and joyous school really is. After a while, they switched to unschooling, which meant it wasn't mandatory for him to study anything, or even take tests. Ever since he was little though, his cousin from America had always visited each summer, which was how he learned english over the years.

Due to his parents not having a fix job all the time, they were allowed to travel a lot. They mostly just went to Germany, sometimes to America too, but when Tally turned 8, his parents decided they'd be moving to England permanently. It didn't take long for him to adjust to life there, since he didn't have much friends back in Hungary, so he didn't really miss anyone. And as the years passed, he came to love England so much, he almost didn't even remember what it was like back in his original country. He spent most of his time outdoors, but never got much of a tan due to the lack of sunlight in his area. He was always a very pale kid, but he pretty much lost all pigment in his skin when he discovered the wonders of computers and the internet.

His days passed peacefully without a care in the world, when one day after his 11th birthday, he received a letter. He was overly excited, because he /never/ got mail. His excitement only grew, when he found out he'd been accepted to a magical academy, Hogwarts! Tally had no idea what this was all about, but he was psyched nonetheless. Just like with moving to England, he had no problem leaving his new home behind to attend Hogwarts. He missed his parents, but he knew he'd see them during breaks, and he was really curious to see what a wizarding school was like.

Tally's curiosity never died down in the 5 years he'd been a student at Hogwarts, he just couldn't get enough of learning new things about magic and the creatures that came along with it. He wasn't all that motivated to make friends, but he had some buddies here and there. His top priority was to learn pretty much everything about magic, and the best thing was that he knew he could do it.


>Elective Classes
Care of Magical Creatures

>Extra Curricular
Earth Magic
Quidditch Alternate

1000 House Points
Mayhem and Mischief Badge
Blood Moon Badge
Finnis Badge


>Wand Ingredients
phoenix feather
12 ½ inches
reasonably supple

wingardium leviosa

Fun Facts

•after each school break, Tally comes back to Hogwarts looking /much/ paler than usual with bloodshot eyes. tough one might think these changed in his appearance would be from the affects of drugs; he was just spending way too much time inside on the computer.
•he sometimes writes his last name first and first name last on assignments or school papers he has to fill out due to his parents teaching him that in Hungary, that's how peoples' names are written.
•he has a hard bump on his right ring finger from where he holds the pen wrong all the time
•if he went out into the sunlight more, his freckles would appear
•has a dog and two cats at home
•there are permanent dark circles under his eyes from the lack of vitamin C


>Name: Spuri(named after his first cat)
>Species: blue mouse
>Gender: female
>Personality: cautious/easily frightened/unsociable/cuddly

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